Can I share contacts and calendars with my coworkers using netfirms?

by on September 11, 2009

Q: I have a basic netfirms account and I have connected it to my Microsoft Outlook account. I want to be able to access my Outlook contacts and calenders through my netfirms account as well as allow my coworkers to access them as well. Is this at all possible?

One Response to “Can I share contacts and calendars with my coworkers using netfirms?”

    It sounds like what you want to do is more along the lines of using Exchange from Microsoft. This is probably something netfirms supports but I suspect it will be overkill for you and your team and also pretty expensive.

    Netfirms does support Google Apps, which is similar to Exchange but slightly different. Netfirms charges $6.00 a month per use for the service but you can get it for free from Google directly.

    I cannot say which way is better for you or anyone else without a lot more information. I assume that by going with netfirms they will give you support where google, unless you do the paid version, wont give you any real support. It will, however, allow you to share calendars, contacts, and what not similar to what you are asking about.

    I would highly suggest laying out exactly what you want to do and contact netfirms and maybe even a few other providers and see what options they give you and what prices they give you. I am certain you can do what you want for free but realize for free means no support so it might be worth it to pay someone so that you have support and someone to help you when you run into issues.