How come my screen is not always the right size when I boot up my computer?

by on September 11, 2009

Q: I recently switched out a dead monitor and replaced it with a 17″ KDS Visual Sensations monitor manufactured in 1999 that was given to me. I have a Dell Demensions 2400 Series purchased in 2003 with Windows XP. The problem arises when I boot up my system. The cursor shows up in the lower right hand corner slightly larger than it should be. The Windows login screen then comes up as if someone zoomed in on the upper left hand corner of the screen. In order to get to a normal size screen, I have to turn off the system holding the startup key on the CPU. Sometimes after turning off the system it will boot up with the normal size login screen and sometimes it takes several reboots. What can be done to fix this image problem?

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    I would suggest logging into the PC, and then trying this:

    right click on your desktop background
    click properties
    This will bring up the Display Properties Screen
    Click on the Settings Tab
    On the settings tab you should see a ‘Screen Resolution’ slider that will let you adjust the display. Sliding it toward the “more” side and clicking apply, should give you a better picture. If you try to apply a setting that doesn’t work with this monitor and the screen goes blank, wait about 20 seconds for the old settings to be restored.


    Thank you for your feedback. I tried out your suggestion when I first started having this screen problem and it did not fix it. Again this screen situation doesn’t happen every time I boot up my system. It is random enough for it be down right annoying and time consuming when I have reboot my system to try and get it to come up as it should. Again thank you.


    Since your replacement monitor is 10 years old, and that you never had this problem until you started using this monitor it’s probably an issue with the monitor.

    If money is tight check your local craigslist, you’ll find lots of monitors for next to nothing.