What are the best reasons to use a CMS framework?

by on September 12, 2009

Q: What are the best reasons to use a CMS framework?

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    Do you mean a development framework like cakePHP or Zend framework or do you mean a CMS system like drupal or WordPress?


      drupal, joomla… etc. while at it–what is the difference between zend and drupal like frameworks? thanks


    CMS systems like drupal, WordPress, and joomla usually have the ability to add on features with plugins so that you do not need to modify the core functionality. The great part about this is that you can add new features and modify how a site looks without modifying the core functionality of the system itself. This allows you to upgrade to newer versions without having to make changes to the core each time.

    The zend framework and cakePHP are frameworks that have certain classes defined and methods. When it comes to web programming a lot of time is spent on recreating the same types of classes and methods like database classes or user management code so the idea behind a framework like zend and cakePHP is that they can speed up time and reduce duplicate code.