How can I put my system back together after deleting system files?

by on September 15, 2009

Q: I messed up my system pretty bad but some things I have fixed. What I did was deleted files using System Mechanic by IOLO and I deleted duplicate files figuring that if they are duplicates what could it hurt. The program warned me to check each one thoroughly but did I listen – of course not. I can’t do a system restore and programs aren’t closing properly.

What I would like to know is if I should do an in-place upgrade/repair or use the discs I created at startup when I bought the computer. If the in-place upgrade is better where is the website and if the discs I have will work how do I use them. I would greatly and I do mean greatly appreciate it if someone can answer this question for me.

One Response to “How can I put my system back together after deleting system files?”

    The Pro/Cons come out like this:

    The in-place upgrade/repair may or may not work, and the rest of your harddrive contents will *probably* still be intact.

    The full system recovery will probably wipe your drive and start you back at square one. This will almost certainly fix everything for you, but the rest of your drive’s contents will probably be lost.

    The In-place upgrade normally requires Windows Install CDs. You can read more about that procedure here:

    Since it sounds like you only have the restore disk you created when you purchased the machine that is probably your best bet and will have the highest probability of success.

    If like to get some other stuff off of this harddrive before you do the rescue/restore to be safe I suggest downloading a copy of this is a version of Linux that can be booted directly from the CD without installing anything. You can boot from this and them transfer any important data over to another drive of some kind.

    Good Luck!