How come my computer thinks that my camcorder is a disk drive and not a camcorder?

by on September 15, 2009

Q: I have connected a Camcorder (Canon DC19) to my PC (HP running Windows XP) however my PC thinks it’s an external disc drive and doesn’t recognise it as being a camera – any ideas anyone? (Canon Website and general search doesn’t seem to help)

One Response to “How come my computer thinks that my camcorder is a disk drive and not a camcorder?”

    In my experience you normally need a firewire connection to get video from a camcorder to a computer. I, however, did search the web and found a manual, granted it was not in English, but I think it was saying that the camcorder only has a USB connection and no firewire connection.

    If this is the case then it would only make sense that you can transfer the video via USB. What you might want to do is put it on playback mode before connecting it to your computer. I know that is what I have to do with mine when I connect it to my computer. Then from there you should be able to open the video software that came with the camcorder.

    Again, if your camcorder has a firewire connection then chances are you need to use the firewire connection to get the video off. I know the camcorders I have used have both firewire and USB and the USB only allows you to access the SD card, which stores pictures, it does not allow you to access the video.