Not all free antivirus programs are created equal

by on September 16, 2009

Q: Why am I having problems installing a free antivirus program on my computer?

A: The first thing we have to point out is that not all free antivirus programs are actually antivirus programs. Some are very bad pieces of software that will infect your system and cause you to have to reinstall everything to get things cleaned. Our current recommendations for free antivirus software is currently limited to Avast and AVG.There might be a few more out there that are good but we highly suggest you do a lot of research before installing any programs on your computer be it antivirus programs or even toolbars.

If you are on a site and a popup comes up saying you might be infected with a virus and you need to install xyz software to fix it then chances are it is malware, spyware, or just some other kind of bad software. No reputable free antivirus software companies would ever do anything like that. So our suggestion is before you install any software you make sure you take the time and do the research. We know it is hard sometimes when you are browsing around and you get a popup saying you have a virus or install xyz program to get more information. We know it is very tempting but by doing 10 mintues worth of research you could end up saving yourself weeks worth of headaches.

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