How come movies do not just start playing on my computer anymore?

by on September 19, 2009

Q: Before when I clicked on a movie link on a website it would open automatically in Windows Media Player. Now I get a prompt to run or save the file. What has changed and how can I change it back?

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    What version of what browser are you running?

    IE 6, IE7, Firefox 3.5, etc ?


      I went to v8 but it was so bad I reverted to v7.

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    The problem is probably that you need to re-associate these file types with media player. Try saving one of these video files that you want to be able to view to your desktop. Then right click on it, Open With… > Choose Program… and select media player as well as the checkbox at the bottom to make it the default.

    Double-clicking on the file should bring up media player to play the video. Media player should also now automatically launch when you click on a video on the web. Note that you’ll probably need to do this for each file type that you’re having trouble with (.avi, .wmv, etc.).


    Thanks Mark.. This worked.