Is it possible to remove an image from a website?

by on September 20, 2009

Q: Anybody savvy enough to know if it is it possible to delete an image from a website?

One Response to “Is it possible to remove an image from a website?”

    You would need to have access to the web server to remove images on it. This would mean having a username and password given to you by an administrator of the server or you would have to be an administrator of the server.

    If there is copyrighted information or some other kind of information that is unlawful then you can contact the web hosting company and they will most likely review it and have it taken down. Other than that there is no real way to get the information taken off a web server.

    Also remember, once information is out it is usually out for good. Lots of sites like google and find information on the internet and make copies of that information and people can still search those sites and find the information.