How come the speakers on my Toshiba Satellite laptop stopped working?

by on September 30, 2009

Q: I have had a Toshiba Satellite L505-S6959 for 2 months now. I recently downloaded Skype and installed it. Shortly after I noticed my laptop speakers did not work. I plugged in my headphones and got sound. I tried all my settings, drivers, restarting, uninstalling Skype completely and even doing 5 system restores (all of which failed). What’s wrong with my speakers?

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    Since your laptop is so new and you have made sure it is not a software issue by uninstalling software and by restoring the system, I would suggest you contact Toshiba and send it back for repair. It sounds like it is a hardware issue.

    Unfortunately, when you call tech support, they are going to have you do a lot of the stuff you already did and it will be a little time consuming. Once none of those things work they will probably have you send it back. You might be able to even go to the place where you bought it, depending on their return policy, and exchange it there.

    Just make sure to back up any data you have before hand because chances are the data will get lost.


    I have seen other people talk about the same issues with their Toshiba L505-S6959 laptop and they have mentioned that when your laptop battery starts to get low the first thing to go is no speakers on the laptop… due to low battery… most of them have said that just plug the unit up to the charger and do a full charge and with that they said the the sound returned on the Toshiba L505S-6959… I have this laptop and I leave mine plugged into the charger all the time and have not had any audio issues… I hope this was a help to you in solving your NO SOUND problem with your Toshiba L505-S6959 laptop…. I love mine and think its a great laptop… Good luck….