Use your own router with AT&T DSL

by on November 16, 2009

Q: If I move from my current ISP to AT&T DSL service will I be able to use my existing Linksys wireless G Access point WAP54G? I don’t want to pay extra for a wireless router when I already have one.

A: In my experience with AT&T I have always gotten a modem with a built in wireless router at no extra cost. I normally don’t use the wireless on their router because, like you, I have my own and I like to use it since I have it. When ordering just make sure to express to them you want a stand alone modem, ie one that does not have to connect to your computer via USB. I am pretty sure no DSL companies use USB only modems anymore but it never hurts to make sure and if they say anything just say you have no free USB ports on your computer.

Then from there you can decide if you want to hook up your Linksys WAP54G or just use the built in wireless that comes built into the modem. Using the built in will be easier but setting up your own will not be difficult. You will want to start by logging into their web interface for their router and disabling the wireless on the modem so that there is no interference between the two wireless signals. Then from there you can connect your access point/router to the modem using an Ethernet cable, just like you used previously with your other ISP. Once you do that you should be all set to start using your wireless connection.

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