Can a monitor be made wireless?

by on December 16, 2009

Q: Is there any way to make my PC monitor wireless, either by connecting it to a router or some other device that communicates with a router?

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    There are a few products around, but a lot of them aren’t very good. What are you trying to do exactly?


    I live in a small apartment, and I want to have my pc connected with my tv without long wires. I figured i would hide my pc (dell studio hybrid) in my media center and connect it to my tv with hdmi. Then i could have the wireless monitor on the other side of my apartment at a desk with my dell wireless keyboard and mouse. This way i would have much less wires all around, and my small place would look neater. I would also get the added bonus of using my pc as a dvd player – conected directly to my tv.

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    The wireless monitor hardware that is around tends to not be very good, and is also very expensive ($200+) and tends not to do very well with very high resolutions due to signal compression and degradation.

    Your best option is going to be a windows media center extender device of some kind. These hook directly to your TV, and stream video content from the PC.

    Here is an article from July 2008 that talks about a few options, there might be some newer models around and the prices will have changed as well.

    If you really want to do the wireless computer monitor signal, do a google search for ‘wireless dvi’ and you can read up more on it.