How do I stop an email server from blocking animated GIFs?

by on December 19, 2009

Q: I send an animated GIF to some friends at work and their server blocks the animation! I tried changing the name to santa.fig (was gif), but that didn’t fool the filters. How do I get around this or what else can I try. It is REALLY annoying!

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    I find it odd that a mail server would do such a thing. Are you sure it is not their email client that does not supported animated GIFs so it is just showing the first frame of the animation?

    To get around it I would suggest zipping up the GIF and sending a zip file. You should be fine if you do that.


    The animation does go through the mail server, however when they open the email the animation does not move, it is a still picture.

    Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    I’m trying to get them to see the MOVING animations
    (gif) attachment.


      You are going to have to make sure their email client supports animation and I am not sure how many actually do. The first thing you can try is to send the email as an html email instead of a text email, other than that it is going to be case by case with each of the different email clients out there. I would think anyone using a webmail client like gmail or yahoo mail will be able to see the animation but anyone using Outlook or Thunderbird probably wont and there is not much you can do there except telling the user to open the file in their web browser.

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    Your best bet is going to upload the animated gif to a site like and sending your friends the link.