How can I connect a Windows Vista machine to a Windows XP machine?

by on December 21, 2009

Q: I need to hard wire a computer w/Vista 64 bit to Windows XP 32 bit can this be done and what router should I purchase.

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    By hard wire do you mean like a USB to USB cable or do you just need them networked together because I would suggest just using a hub to setup a network and network them that way. Then you can share files over the network without worry about anything other than turning on file sharing on each one.


    I want to apologize upfront for my naiveness with computers. Please forgive me. What do you mean by hub… a router? I finally got a router and used cat5 cables to network (?) them. I need to share files, could I have done this with USB cables? This is soooooo out of my comfort zone, I truly do not know what to do. Thank you for your patience,.

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      A hub and a router are very similar and they are used to make networks. A router would connect to a modem (DSL, cable, etc) where a hub would not.

      I would setup the sharing using the network and not USB but I was trying to figure out exactly what you are trying to do.

      You just need to setup sharing on each machine to be able to share data between them. You can visit and to get directions on how to setup the file sharing on your Windows XP machine and it should be very similar on Vista.


    Thank you Matt. You have been a life saver., I start a training program (at home) I have the 64 bit vista and the company sent me a 32 bit windows xp and they have to be networked to share files. I think I’ve gotten them routed /networked but the cisco router has this Network magic software that keeps me from getting on the internet,at times, it has a 7 day trial, I guess it wanted to show me how it would fix the problem and of course it did – now I guess they want me to purchase it, I am worried that when the 7 days expire it will keep me from staying online. I just don’t know enough about it. The Network magic software did help me network my computers. Can I just uninstall this without it doing something to the other router files? I appreciate your time. Thank you again, you are such a kind person to help me. Happy Holidays!