Just use one spyware package to speed up your computer

by on December 21, 2009

Q: I had webroot and Trend Micro Antivirus & Spyware installed on my computer. A power outage while upgrading webroot caused me to have to uninstall webroot and now I notice that my computer runs faster than ever without Webroot. Do I need to have Webroot and Trend Micro Antivirus & Spyware installed or can I just get away with Trend Micro Antivirus & Spyware?

A: You do not need webroot if you are using Trend Micro Antivirus & Spyware package. The reason for this is that webroot is a spyware package so if you have both webroot and Trend Micro Antivirus & Spyware then you will have two pieces of software running to protect you from spyware and this means more programs taking up the resources you have on your computer.

The key is to get as much protection as you can with the least amount of computer resources getting used. So I would suggest you just use Trend Micro and leave webroot off. I need to note that it really is a requirement to have both antivirus protection and spyware protection.

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