Can I fix a hard drive in a laptop that was dropped?

by on December 27, 2009

Q: I dropped my 3 month old laptop about 8 inches onto a VERY hard surface. It landed right on the corner of the screen. The screen works very well still but it won’t boot to the OS. The dell logo comes up at startup, but then I get a little loading bar that says “windows is loading files” and then it tries to do a system repair, which fails.

I ran all the diagnostics that I could and they all passed except the hard drive. How bad does this look for me?

One Response to “Can I fix a hard drive in a laptop that was dropped?”

    If every single test passes except the hard drive then you might luck out and it might be just your hard drive. A new hard drive for your laptop will probably be a hundred dollars or so depending on what you want exactly. The bad news is you probably lost all the data on the existing hard drive though.

    This is something you can do yourself if you feel comfortable or it is something you could bring it to a computer shop and have them do it for a few hundred dollars.