How can I combine two partitions on the same drive?

by on December 28, 2009

Q: My daughter’s ASUS EEC PC netbook seems to have 2 drives that make up the C drive. One of c 3Gig and one of 7Gig. The 3 Gig is full and the 7 gig empty the the PC thinks there is no space left. How do I rectify?

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    You have a number of software options, here are a few to look at and try. Make sure to back up any critical data just in case.


    I am not sure these are paritions but 2 physical drives connected (or perhaps not?) to make the C drive. All the other drives, D,E, F,G, H etc are not showing up. Is this a physical problem?


      I find it hard to believe a netbook would have more than one physical hard drive in it. I am certain I have never seen a netbook with two physical hard drives.


    Can you provide some detail on why you think this is the case?


    Apologies I am not really a tech head but I may be just thick here. When I look at the properties of the C drive then the hardware tab is show 2 separate drives, one with 3gig all used and one 7gig which is called partition style Master Boot Record as is the other one, I got this info by populating the volumes???


    Right Click on My Computer, click Manage, and then under Storage, click on Disk Management. That should give you a much better view of storage.

    If you need help interpreting, you can set a screen shot to mark at

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    Thanks for the screen shot. It looks like there is another physical drive there, that might be a memory stick or something you have plugged in.

    Since this is a different physical drive you’re not going to be able to extend the partition, at least not safely. You should be able to just right click on that D drive from windows and format it and move some files over to it to help manage space.