Can a wireless G extender be used to extend a wireless N router?

by on December 29, 2009

Q: Is there anyway to make sure my range extender has the right settings? I recently installed my range extender which is a “g” and I am extending my wireless “n” router but my speed has dropped from 11mbps to .05 mbps is that normal?

One Response to “Can a wireless G extender be used to extend a wireless N router?”

    I am not sure if you can actually use a wireless G range extender/booster to extend a signal for a wireless N network. I know they make wireless N range extenders/boosters though so maybe that would have been a better option. You should be able to make the wireless N router only put out a wireless G signal and this might not cause too many problems for you unless you have devices that actually have wireless N cards in them.

    I can tell you that the speed decrease is not normal though so something must be off. You should be able to see what kind of signal strength you are getting between the router and the range extender/booster though. It is possible they are just too far away to get a reliable signal and that is causing the problems.