Can I connect my laptop to my Wii so I can watch videos from my laptop on my TV?

by on December 31, 2009

Q: I have laptop running Windows XP and watch sports on espn360. Using a cable with 2 USB connectors, can I connect the laptop to my Wii and the Wii to my TV to watch the laptop on TV?

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    Why not just connect the laptop directly to the TV using your video out?


    because I’m not sure I have the right cable to do that, it’s an old TV


      I don’t think there is anyway to get your video to your Wii because the Wii, as far as I know, does not have a video input. If you some how managed to get it to your Wii and the Wii supported showing it on a TV you would still have to get a cable.

      I am not sure what kind of input your TV supports but it would probably be much easier to get a video cable that can be plugged into your video out on your computer that would then connect to your TV. Most of these cables cost between $20 to $30 depending on where you get them and what kind of connections they require. Remember, this wont get sound over to your TV though. You will either have to listen to the sound from your laptop or you will have to get a cable that connects your audio out from the laptop to the TV.


    Video out would be like a second monitor, right? And my tv only has those video in/out plugs, the red/yellow/white plastic covered strand.


      Correct it is just like connecting to a second monitor. So chances are your laptop has a video out that is either VGA or DVI. You would need to get a VGA to Composite or DVI to Composite. Composite is what they call the red/yellow/white cables.

      You might be able to find this at a local electronic store but if not a simple search in google will give you many sites that you can buy them from.


      I should also note that you would probably just get a VGA or DVI to Composite that only has a single Yellow wire (ie missing Red and White). The Red and White are for sound so you would need a 3.5mm jack to Red and White connection for the sound.


    Thank you so much! Think I’ll print your answer and carry it to Radio Shack with me 🙂


      You might want to carry your laptop with you as well so they can see the video out connection that you have. This will make it so you get the exact cables you need the first time.