Can multiple users use PayPal at the same time for the same account?

by on December 31, 2009

Q: Is it possible for multiple users to use a PayPal account at the same time without kicking each other out?

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    If you try to login to PayPal using the same login as someone else at the same time the first person will be logged out. This can be a pain if you are running a business and need multiple people to access PayPal at the same time either to do billing tasks or even if you are just using it to process transactions using virtual terminal.

    The solution to this is to setup Mutli-User Access. You can find this under “My Account” -> “Profile” ->”More Options” and then about half way down under the “Account Information” section.

    When you first go in there you should see something that says “You don’t have any additional users on your account.” and you will just want to click on “Add User”. Once you get in to that screen you will have the option to limit what this new user will have access to. This can be very useful if you just want someone to be able to come look at the reports and not actually be able to do anything with the money in the account.