How can I get the menus in Microsoft Office 2007 to be in English instead of Japanese?

by on December 31, 2009

Q: I just got a new laptop in Japan and it has Microsoft Office 2007 (in Japanese). I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate to get menus in English which helps a lot. I can go to start/ programs/ microsoft2007/ microsoft 2007 toolbox / change language. I clicked on English and pushed “Okay” but when I go into Microsoft Office 2007 nothing seems to have changed. I want the menus in English.

I go back to the language options and the Japanese is there again (the computer automatically put it back in by itself) so I deleted all languages and only had English in the possible options but the same thing happens when I go into Microsoft Office it shows Japanese menus.

I am new to computers and this one is now half and half (my kanji reading isn’t so great) so any help that I can get would be much appreciated.

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    This page from Microsoft should be able to answer your questions:


      Thank you very much for your reply. I looked at the link and tried to find my os (Windows 7 ultimate) the link seems to be for xp and vista I couldn’t find my os so I looked at the step by step instructions for vista and xp and what it is asking to change I have already changed. I can input in English what I am wishing for is to be able to read the pull down tabs and when you put the mouse over something a message pops up (mine is in J’nese). I have changed all language to English on all accounts old and any new ones that might be created so it is all in English. When I go to start… programs… microsoft office…microsoft office tools…microsoft office 2007 language settings and then I get a box where I can see the proofing tools and editing language it is in this box “editing language that the Japanese is and English (Canada) I remove the J’nese and when I click ok the box disappears and I open microsoft office word but nothing has changed everything is in J’nese I go back to the language settings box and somehow Japanese is right back there with Canadian English….I hope you understand what I am trying to say and do and I really hope that you can help me I’ve been banging my head against the wall for a week now and don’t seem to be any closer to a solution. I have also found that any other programs that I try and install on my computer try to install in Japanese so I am guessing that there is a master setting that I haven’t changed but when I go to the region and language settings I have changed everything to english that I can that is why I upgraded this computer to the ultimate version of windows 7. I don’t have any disc to reinstall office with so my usual quick solution of dump and reinstall I can’t do…Again any help that you can give is much oblidged. Thank you Justine.


    Okay, give this a read and see if it helps:


    Also, try going into Control Panel, Region and Language, click on the administrative tab, and change the Language for non-Unicode programs to English. That should help with other software you install.