How come Windows tells me I have successfully copied data to a CD when there is nothing on the CD?

by on December 31, 2009

Q: I am trying to Right click on a picture image on hard drive Utilizing Windows drag to Removable Disk located in the E drive: Of which, You have files to copy comes up “balloon” : It indicated the image has transferred and copied however this is not the case. You can go to the E: drive and it indicates “Write these files to CD task of which I choose and the action never occurs: Welcome to the CD Writing Wizard appears It fails to read the disc in the drive: Keeps asking me to insert a writable CD into drive E: It is not the disc itself as I have tried several ones and all fail. I recently had to recover my hard drive and this is when the problem began. Most my software then tried to update to the new Vista programs?

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    The build in Windows CD/DVD burning capability isn’t that great. Try (which is free) instead and see if that makes a difference.


    Hi Mark. Thanks for the quick reply. Well I tried your suggestion and it says, this”CD Burner XP Version 4.0 (or Above) requires the >NET Framework. Please download and install the .NET Framework v.2.0 or higher and run this setup again”. So I go to express install in Windows update to do a install of upgrades on my system that will bring it to the current .NET application and it fails to upgrade KB951847 X86 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack due to Error Code 0X643????? However, it continues to notify that I have upgrades to be installed and to install????????? So now What???


    Try downloading and installing the .net framework from here:

    If you’re still getting the error message see this Microsoft support page on the error you’re getting:


    Well Mark. I know if we keep trying we will eventually conquer!!! It will be long in the day before a computer gets the best of me. I did go to the suggested site and it did start downloading all was fine, however, in the middle of the download, statement balloon pops up and says, “Setup is looking for netfx35_x86.exe. Please insert disk1 now.” I would have no disk??? Have no idea as to what now???


    Close/cancel these other things that popped up.

    Wait for your download to complete, and run that file that you downloaded.


    ok we will see but I just was looking at the error code for 0x643 and it just might pay me to uninstall .net files and then reinstall as stated to clear up all the inconsistences with the various issues. thanks for your help however, i will do that.