Can you track who sent an anonymous email?

by on January 5, 2010

Q: I sent an email to my friend’s cell phone from an anonymous email address. The email was not threatening, but it was sent to give information that would not have been received well had it come from me.

The friend is now trying to use his computer genius to find out who sent the email. Is it possible to find out where the email originated? Is it possible to find out who the email came from? I am just wondering.

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    If you used an anonymous e-mail service, then probably not.


    I sent it from an account. It was a randomly setup account. No attached personal information, etc. Can it be tracked, by a normal “hacker” person, to the ip address it came from? Or is it prevented b/c it came to a cell phone?

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      The only way you can track an email account back to a user would be to contact AOL or the company providing the email and getting the information from them. They could, however, look at the header information on the email and see what IP address it originated from but since it was sent to a phone, I assume as kind of a text message, I don’t think that would be possible.


    Thanks, Matt and Mark! 🙂 This was helpful…