How do I open a port for on my router for an odd IP address?

by on January 5, 2010

Q: If my IP address does not follow traditional (first 7 digits), how would I open the port? My IP address, instead of 1 for the 7th digit, has a seven, thus it is 192.168.7.* but my on my linksys router set up page, it only allows me to change the very last digit. HELP PLEASE!!! (my ip address is that way b/c i use internet phone service thing).

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    The information between the dots in the IP address are called octets and there are 4 octets in an IP address. I would suggest that you need to change the IP address on your phone to have the same 3rd octet as the network you are using it on. The internal IP address means nothing to the phone or to your provider because they cannot access the phone using that IP address since it is not routable on the Internet.

    They have to access the phone by your external IP address and therefore don’t care about your Internal IP address. In worse case you could change your Linksys routers LAN IP address scheme to be 192.168.7.* instead of 192.168.1.* to fix this as well. This would then change that 1 in the 3rd octet to a 7 for you and then you can do what you need. I would think it would be easier to change it on the phone though.


    Thank you so so so much for replying. How would I thought, change IP address on my phone?


      I don’t know what kind of phone you have so I really cannot direct you in how to update it unless you give me that information. There should be a menu system on the phone though that will allow you to get to network settings and from there you should be able to change it pretty easily.


    thank you again but…my phone is just regular phone with answering system. I tried to figure out how to change my phone’s IP I can’t figure it out. phone is

    Uniden dect 6.0 digital answering system.
    router is Linksys WRT54G.

    I can’t figure out how to change the scheme either.
    Sorry I am newbie! >.<


      I need the model number of the phone like DCT648 or DTC6465 etc to be able to get the manual. If you have the physical manual still it will tell you in there how to change the IP address. If you can get the model number then I can get the manual online and point you to the page.



    thanks again for helping me out. Its funny how your name is matt like me.


      Unfortunately Uniden doesn’t have that manual online. Do you have the manual that came with the phone?


    Yea, I do, but it doesn’t say anything about network conditions. I scanned the contents but how would I show you those pages? Email? aim?