How come my new PC has no signal going to the monitor?

by on January 6, 2010

Q: I just bought and assembled a new PC.

Here are the Specs :
Asus P7P55D LE,
Corsair CMX4GX3M2A 1600C9 DDR3 2×2048 Mb PC3-12800 9-9-9-24,
Intel Core i5 750 2.66 GHz socket 1156,
Nvidia GT220 1Gb DDR2,
Western Digital W3200AAKS Cavier Blue Sata300 320Gb,
LC Power LC6600GP2 600W .

The problem is, once I turn on the power the PC starts (fans etc) but there is no signal going to the monitor.

No screen equals no OS yet, but I’ll be using Windows XP SP2 if I ever solve this issue.

I’ve spent the day looking for the solution but nobody has resolved this issue from what I can find.

I have a good level of technical experience but this has me stumped, I’m sure it’s something really simple.

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    Check and re-install your RAM and video card. Try booting with just one stick of RAM. Listen for any Beeps, your manual should have a list of a few beep codes that might help isolate the problem. It is probably an issue with either the video card, RAM or CPU. Might be installed wrong or defective.

    If you’re still having trouble, consider picking up a “POST diagnostic card” for about $10 on-line. Your motherboard is stopping somewhere in the middle of the Power on Self Test (POST), some motherboards have some nice POST feedback built in, but the LE edition doesn’t. The Post diagnostic card will display some error codes that you can use to isolate the problem.


    Tried all possible hardware configurations.

    No Beeps, PC Speaker works and is connected correctly. RAM is listed as compatible with this mother board.
    Same for CPU. Same behavior continues even without graphics card attached.

    I’ll look into the post card you suggested, thanks for the feedback. Spent a good chunk of change buying all this & now I’m left without a working computer any more
    help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Upgraded my power supply from 600W to 650W

    Everything is working perfectly now.

    Thanks for you suggestions Mark.

    Hopefully others will find this solution useful!


    Glad to hear you got things booting!

    The 600W supply you purchased was probably defective (or a loose connection). Shouldn’t need nearly that much juice to run the system. A 450 should be plenty.

    See this Watt Calculator:


    Also, consider moving to Windows 7 64-bit down the road. Since you’re only running 32-bit Windows XP, your computer can only deal with a total of 4Gigs of Memory, that includes both RAM and Video Card Memory.

    If you’re eligible, you can buy it here for $30.


    Actually we tested another 600W in the computer store and it didn’t work either.

    Would XP 64 Bit Edition support all of my RAM an Video Card Memory?


    Really bizarre, I’m running the same setup you are plus a lot more with a Seasonic S12 500W.

    Yes, it would, but I’ve seen quite a few people have mixed results with 64-bit XP, and drivers really aren’t always available, especially for newer stuff. If you’re dead set on running XP then just stick with the 32-bit.