Can I get data off the hard drive of a laptop that had the video card fail?

by on January 8, 2010

Q: I have an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop and one day it beeped at me three times and showed me a black screen then eventually shut off. After further research we found out this means that your video card is done!

The laptop makes one long beep and two short ones now. The problem and question is: since i had game files on my second hard drive that I want and need, these were hard to find down loadable content, is it retrievable?

The Acer Aspire was a running Vista and the new laptop is running Windows 7 so if I were to get these old files and put them in my new laptop would there be a problem?

In order for me to run this game I had to use the compatibility wizard on Vista so is this game going to run on windows 7?

One Response to “Can I get data off the hard drive of a laptop that had the video card fail?”

    It seems like your best bet would be to get a laptop hard drive enclosure to put the hard drive in and then you can attach it to your new laptop. This will allow you to transfer all the files off of it and onto the new computer. After you do that then you can use the external hard drive to backup your data.

    As for the game, it is my understanding that Windows 7 has the best compatibility mode of all the Windows operating systems so I would think there is a good chance that if it ran on Windows Vista in compatibility mode then it will run on Windows 7 in compatibility mode.