Can I convert an HD signal a regular signal so I can watch it on a non HDTV?

by on January 9, 2010

Q: My son has a flat screen HDTV and does not use a converter to watch cable TV.

Can I get a converter that will translate the HD signal to regular digital so I can use it with a normal TV? I want to be able to reproduce what he sees but on my non HDTV.

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    They make DTV converter boxes that will convert the digital signal into an analog video so you can watch the digital signals on your analog TV.

    You will certainly not get the same clarity that you get on the HDTV but you will be able to watch the same shows if you are connected to the same signal.



    I appreciate the reply. But I have a dtv converter. My Son gets about 120 channels, my dtv converter does no where near that. I’m looking to replicate what he gets.

    Thanks for the answer, but it doesn’t solve my problem.
    Good effort.



    All we can do is work off the information we are given. The new information makes this a completely different question than was submitted. With that said I don’t think a DTV converter is any6 different than a the tuner built into any HDTV except it takes that digital signal and converts it to and analog signal so the older TV can display the images.

    If you are both connected to the same input then all you need to do is do a rescan to get the channels you are missing.




    Sorry if I was unclear originally.

    I wasn’t complaining, I REALLY appreciated the help.

    The input on the dtv converter is does NOT recognize the cable input. I hooked it to a digital antenna and it scans fine. I hooked it to the cable and it says “no signal”. Therefor nothing to scan.

    Hope that was clearer.



      Paul, I get what you are saying. I connect my HDTV directly to cable and I get all the regular cable channels plus I get the hidden HD channels. I assume you want to do the same thing with your analog TV. It was my impression that a DTV converter box would do this but from your experience it does not seem like that is what happens. After doing some research I guess it makes sense because what the DTV converter box does is it converts the digital signal to analog and since most of the cable channels are not digital it has nothing to convert so it just ignores the input.

      It seems like you need an HD Tuner, which is what one would use with an HD Monitor. The difference between an HD Monitor and an HDTV is that the HDTV has an Tuner built in and the Monitor does not. The problem here is that the HD Tuners I have seen are made to connect to HD Monitors not to analog TV’s and on top of that they are all around $150.00 so at that point it probably would make more sense just to go looking for a new TV depending on the size you want. Your best bet might be to try and find a VCR with a built in HD Tuner for not too much money. I would certainly make sure to buy it from a place that has a good return policy but after all my research it seems like the HD Tuner is what you need.

      Sorry for the bumpy road to get to the answer but hopefully it is helpful.