How do I burn a copy of a 8GB DVD?

by on January 9, 2010

Q: I have a copy of Mac OS 10.5.0 on my MacBook and I want to put it on a DVD holding 4.7 GB. Unfortunately It Is 8.08 GB. How do I burn a copy of this?

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    You will have to burn it on a dual layer DVD. They are sometimes called double density, double layer, or a few other things but they hold about 8GB of data. Most newer MacBooks ship with drives that can burn dual layer DVDs but you might want to double check before spending your money. You will have to refer to your manual to find out.


    Is there any way to put it on a external?
    or possibly shrink it to under 4GB?


      You cannot shrink it down to fit on a 4GB DVD but you can make a disk image to put on your external hard drive.


    It there a way to startup from the disk file?