How can I print the specific pages I need from Excel?

by on January 14, 2010

Q: I have generated a three page chart on Excel. When I go to the Print Preview Page, it tells me I have 3,545 pages, which is ridiculous. When I go to the Page Break Preview Page, the first page number is “1”, the second page number is “1773” and the third page number is “3545”. I may be able to print out the three pages I need, but that will not help me in sending the information, electronically, to my accountant. I have no idea how to bring that down to the three pages that it really is. If I were to print out the chart, I would have to run 3,545 pages through the printer to get three pages of information. Any help, here?

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    In the print menu you can have it print out a specific page. Try just printing out each of those specific pages (maybe keep just one sheet of paper in the printer at a time) and see how it goes.