How come all my computers can get on the Internet with my new router except one?

by on January 16, 2010

Q: I purchased a new Linksys dual band wireless-n gigabit router. All my wireless electronics can connect to the router/internet except for one wireless computer. It can connect to the router but has limited access and can not connect to the internet. Is this a router issue or the Internet service provider issue? Each one keeps saying it is the others and I don’t know who to really pin down.

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    This seems like it could be an issue with your computer. Check the wireless Network properties and make sure that it is set to Obtain an Ip Address Automatically. You can do this by going to control panel > Network connections > right click on the wireless network card and go to properties > click on TCP/IP and click properties again. Make sure that both of the radio buttons are set to “obtain an Ip address automatically”. Let me know if this works or not.


    yes the v4 and v6 are both set to obtain IP address automatically. i went through this with the internet provider and it was determined that the computer is pulling an address beginning with a ‘169.’ and hence they say it is the router. i should add that this laptop was able to connect to the internet with the old router. also tried a direct line connection to the modem with out going through the router but we were unsuccessful in that (internet provider said that the ethernet port might not be working properly) but since the laptop can ‘see and connect’ to the router but it is the router providing the incorrect IP address(?)

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    You will normally get a 169.254.x.x (APIPA) address when your computer cannot reach a DHCP server. If you log into your router and look on the main page there should be something about a DHCP server. Is DHCP enabled? If so for how many addresses? Did you try to plug a cable directly into the router as well and see if you were able to get an IP Address? Can you do the following for me? Go to one of your computers that is working properly…..

    Click on Start > Run > type “cmd” (no quotes). Once the command Prompt opens up type “ipconifig” and let me know what it says for IP address, and Default Gateway.