How come my HP dv6000 laptop keeps rebooting after a BIOS update?

by on January 16, 2010

Q: My HP dv6000 laptop goes through a cycle of machine controlled power on and off evolutions without booting. However, with no action taken to discontinue this power on and of cycle it will eventully effect a successful boot. Specifically, the initial power on effort is followed with all lights above the key board being lit and the hard drive being activiated for about 30 seconds at which time all lights go out and the harddrive is deactiviated. This last for about 2 seconds and the cylcle automatically starts again.

OS is Vista Home and the BIOS has been recently updated to latest version. Any ideas?

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    My gut feeling is that the update to the BIOS caused some problems. Yeah, I know, pretty obvious answer. Just a word of caution to everyone. I only suggest people update their BIOS is you are currently having problems that updating your BIOS will fix. If you are not having problems then don’t update your BIOS because in most cases it will lead to problems that you never had before.

    There usually is no way to roll back from a BIOS upgrade but sometimes you can download an older BIOS and try upgrading (well really downgrading) to that. Do you know if any older versions of the BIOS software is available for you to go back to? If so you might try that or even contact HP and explain to them why you ran the BIOS update and explain the problems you are having now.

    If you are not under warranty but you ran the upgrade because it fixed a problem then they might be willing to help you.


    Thanks for the input Matt. The problem identified was occurring before replacing the BIOS. The system will eventually boot an then operate without problem. It is just that it takes quite a while to effect the bootup.