How do I remove Personalsec?

by on January 16, 2010

Q: I am running Windows XP SP3 and have unfortunately ended up with the Personal Security program identified Personalsec. Only it and the Web browser function. PersonalSec provided a popup every few minutes stating the desire status my computer is in referring to viruses of various types and ask for payment for download of the Personal Security registered program.

I have attempted multiple approaches to remove this program without success. I note that other similar problems have been identified on this site. I have reached the conclusion that wiping the hard drive is the only solution. This program is a parasite, use of my computer is being held for ransom. My question—is this as big a problem for us all or have I just read my research in this area wrong. If so, how do I get back control of my computer?

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      Mark, I used the approach laid out on the link with success. I found that I had about 60 seconds of computer control after logging on before Personalsec took over. In that period I was able save to a memory stick. I was then able to run the program from this stick and eventually removed Personalsec. Thanks so much for your input and assistance. Arnie