How would you rate a Dell GX745, GX760 and GX520?

by on January 17, 2010

Q: I have to make a list of computers at my school. We have Dells. I have to rate them as ‘high’ capacity (Pentium IV with 512mb) ‘mid’ (Pentium III with 256mb) or low. What would a Dell 745, 760 or GX520 rate? I know the GX 270 & 280’s are low!

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    It depends on the Processors that are in each machine. To find out what is in each machine you can see what came on the system from the factory by going to Dell’s Warranty Status site and enter in the Service Tag. That should give you a pretty good understanding of where to rate your systems. Also, if you are running in a domain and have some server experience check out this may help you in making a list of PC’s with Specifications.