Is 2 GB of RAM too much for an Intel Celeron processor?

by on January 17, 2010

Q: This Christmas I received two Kingston 1 GB memory modules for my Presario SR 1503 WM.

This seems like too much memory for the little Celeron processor but I thought, “Why not ask a geek?” So, not knowing my computer’s specs (I think it’s 32 bit and 256 MB RAM), can you advise me if both modules will be necessary, or will 1.256 GB be about the limit for my processor? Is there anything else I need to know before I go in there and smoke my Presario?

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    System should support the RAM without issue. Just remove the old stuff and install the new sticks.

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    We should also add that there really is no such thing has having too much RAM. Sure there is a point where more RAM will not give you enough speed increase to make it worth the money but if you already have the RAM then you really should put it all in.


    That’s great news. Thanks, Mark and Matt. Once again “Ask a Geek” comes through. What a great website!