Is the AVG toolbar safe?

by on January 20, 2010

Q: My sister put the AVG toolbar on my computer and I am wondering:

(1) Does it use any RAM?
(2) Is it spyware?
(3) If I right-click the toolbar and select not to show it, will it still be active when hidden?
(4)How do I get rid of it?

How come it is not listed in the control panel programs nor in the programs list from the Start Menu.

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    1) Yes, if something is running it is using some level of RAM
    2,4) No, AVG is a free-antivirus program they’ve added a toolbar to their program. You should only have a single anti-virus program installed on your PC at a time. If you already have one on your PC that you’re happy with then uninstall AVG Anti-Virus and that will get rid of the toolbar as well.