How come my PDF files try to open in Windows Media Player?

by on January 21, 2010

Q: I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit, SP2. I had to reinstall OS thinking the cause to a bad update. Every since I can’t open pdf, it attempts to open in Windows Media Player mode. No right click, open as options. I emailed Adobe and they replied in pdf format of course! Is it possible to copy paste pic’s using msn acct. I haven’t been able to where running the old reliable XP I could.

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    Try reinstalling Adobe Reader:


    Been there done that, running latest verion of Adobe. Worked ok until I had to reload os. Any other sugesstions ? Thnx again


    Right click on a pdf file select ‘Open with’ and then choose default program, choose reader from the list, and make sure the checkbox at the bottom to always use this program is selected.

    If you’re still having trouble launch adobe reader and then try to open a PDF from File>Open


    Sorry but as stated in my first,” Right click” ,..”open as” is not even a option ! Any pdf attempts to open in Media Player. I tried opening Adobe and reading that way but no luck that way either.


    Try installing foxit reader instead.