Where can I get a flash player like the one on YouTube for my website?

by on January 22, 2010

Q: I have a place on my website where users can upload videos to articles for the more “complicated” subjects. These are going to be a variety of formats, though most likely either MOV or wmv. When the user uploads the file, they are renamed numerically starting with 1.wmv and put into a dropdown list on the article. I ran into a problem coding it because sometimes the page asks the user to update media player to version 11. I noticed that youtube is compatible with every environment including YM, but it uses MacroMedia flash. what is the simplest way I can code the player box object? (the php-generated page automatically loads the appropriate list count and extention information).

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    Consider saving yourself a lot of trouble and hosting the video content on youtube itself. See this page for details: http://www.youtube.com/youtubeonyoursite


    then i might as well take the website i have spent 3 years developing, the 15 years various programming language experience, and throw it away. would you sign up for a youtube account, go through the process of creating a profile, just to upload a video to a completely irrelivant website? i want a code that youtube uses, i dont want to have to pay youtube to provide a service to hotlink to their videos. this will be a website to generate a service to others, to receive donations for my services, and to pay the members. which would mean that youtube would want a cut. i would rather spend a thousand hours coding a small snippet than to rely on a completely different website….which thus far i have done. i could have used bravenet.com to have a counter but in the end id have to pay them to remove the image stamp on the counter. so why not spend the time to make my own counter? which i succeeded in within an hour of doing my own work. and it looks a lot better. i can have text or image. my own text or image preferences. it CANNOT work to have them use any other website. it has an upload button, not a “sign up, create a profile and upload” button. if youtube can do it, if empflix.com can do it, if sharetv.org can do it, if hulu.com can do it, why not me? i take pride in being able to learn things, being able to do things myself, maybe with a little help and advice but i take pride in not requiring other tools than the ones i make. besides, youtbe always renames the files to a long sequence of variables whcih i cannot parse into a dropdown list. also having a youtube profile opens a door to being spammed and therefor hacked. i want to protect the traffic/profits to the website, as well as protect the rights and privacy of my members


    besides, its not an flv file. its either wmv/mpeg (webcam recorded) or mov (digital camera recorded) file. what if the user wants to send the file to a friend, download it, or put it on a camera/phone/ipod? some ppl like to take their multimedia with them for reference. i do it. i dont know about the thousand dollar cameras but i have never seen a camera that can handle flash videos.


    > i dont want to have to pay youtube to provide a service to hotlink to their videos.

    Using youtube to host your videos would be free. They also re-encode whatever video format is uploaded to them to their flash flv format.

    I did a google search for ‘youtube clone’, and this was the first result: http://www.phpmotion.com/ maybe you will find it useful.


    Does anyone have to install/upgrade/allow/enable anything? it says its software. i know there is client-side software, webmaster software and server software.

    Here is a link to the page it will go to, so there is no misunderstanding of what I am looking for:


    Currently, it has a working tab for “Pictures” which was developed, tested and perfected months ago. I recently added the ability to upload vidoes with a SINGLE step (“Add Video” button, only visible if you are logged in as the original author). It works identical to an email attachment, but perminently stores the file in the local folder, renaming it 1.wmv, 2.wmv etc so it can be appropriately populated into a dropdown list.

    I will take a look at the phpmotion utility but what I am really looking for is raw html/javascript/php coding to insert into the page.