How come I cannot delete movies from Kodak EasyShare?

by on January 23, 2010

Q: I took some pictures and movies with my Kodak camera at Christmas. I downloaded them to the PC using Kodak EasyShare. Then I copied them to an external drive. Now I want to delete them from the C: drive. Deleted the pictures with no problem but the movies will not delete. It says that there is a sharing error or some program is using them. How do I delete the video?

3 Responses to “How come I cannot delete movies from Kodak EasyShare?”

    Try deleting the photos from Windows instead of Easyshare, also make sure you’ve closed all running programs first as well.


      They are Quicktime movies. I tried windows and no luck. I can’t seem to figure which program has hold of the Quicktime movies. There is nothing in the task list called Quicktime.


    Try going into Windows Safe mode, and delete from there;