How do I partition an external hard drive?

by on January 23, 2010

Q: In very simple layman’s term (Dummies level), can you please tell me how to partition my 250 GB external hard drive so that I can install Nero 7 Essentials on it. I tried installing the program sometime ago on my Compaq Windows XP & had conflicts, hassles, headaches, etc. I want to use the Nero 7 occasionally on my new Pavilion dv7-2270 Win 7 computer but I don’t want to run the risk of potential conflicts w/my existing CD burner/writer. I just want to isolate Nero onto the external drive but have never partitioned a drive before. Can you help?

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    Installing Nero 7 Essentials on a different partition isn’t going to make any difference with conflicts. The program will still install some files into the operating system.


    Thanks Mark. That’s exactly what I wanted 2 know.