How come I cannot connect to a wireless network from my apartment?

by on January 31, 2010

Q: I am trying to connect to the clubhouse network from my apartment. I have a USB network adapter that gets a good signal from my apartment but won’t connect to the Internet. I know that the Internet works because when I go to the clubhouse my network card in my laptop picks it up.

Is there a setting I need to put my adapter on or something?

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    So do you have two computers a desktop and a laptop?

    If so does the laptop connect form your apartment to the clubhouse?


    there is only one laptop and it connects to the clubhouse when i’m at the clubhouse, and it has an ok connection to the internet from my stairs or on my patio.

    I have a usb wireless adapter and it gets great connection to the network inside my apartment along with connecting on my patio and on the stairs, but won’t connect to the internet inside the apartment even when it has good connection.


      What does the USB wireless adapter connect to? A computer? Is it wireless booster/extender?

      I guess I don’t get what the problem is if the laptop connects fine from all the places.


    it connects to my laptop… it’s a linksys wusb54g.

    the problem is that it has a good connection to the clubhouse network, but does not get internet


      How do you get on the Internet when you are at the clubhouse then? You don’t use the Linksys wireless USB adapter?


    i usually just use my laptops card because the adapter isnt needed, but i have tested the adapter with the card shut off and it works fine.


      I think we are having a problem communicating here because of the terminology.

      I assume by “laptops card” you mean the Ethernet connection. This is a wired connection you would use to connect directly to the network.

      The USB wireless adapter is a device you connect to the laptop so you don’t need to use the wired Ethernet connection.

      Now when you say “You have tried the wireless adapter and it worked fine” does that mean you were able to get on the Internet or were you just able to get connected to the network?

      When you say you “turned off the card” referring to the Ethernet card/wired connection, did you also unplug the wire?

      I would suggest going into the clubhouse and connecting ONLY using the USB wireless adapter. Do not connect the wired connect. If the Internet works then walk home and try it at home. If the Internet connection does not work at home then the signal is just not strong enough.

      I have a feeling you wont be able to get on the Internet when you connect via the wireless USB adapter. Most wireless networks limit connections either by the hardware address of the device or by a password. So I think the problem is your computer is telling you are on the wireless network but you are not actually logged into it.


    no it’s wireless. i have a Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN Mini-Card and there is a switch to turn it on and off.

    I turned it off when the adapter was plugged in via usb, and got internet just fine. it just wont seem to work in my apartment.


      So you have a Dell Wireless card and you have a Linksys wireless USB adapter? Now I am just completely lost. Why do you have two ways to connect to wireless networks?


    i bought the usb adapter to extend my range so that i could connect from my apartment…. ive just tested it with the card of to see if it works


    What you really need to do is look into a wifi booster or wifi extender. Using a USB adapter is not going to allow you to get much more distance than you get with your internal card.

    If the USB adapter works fine in the clubhouse and doesn’t at your place then it just means you are too far away. I know you keep saying it says the signal is fine but the signal meter is not always correct/accurate.