Can I use an HP HD10000x Personal Media Drive on a Mac?

by on February 1, 2010

Q: Can I use an HP Personal Media Drive (HP HD 10000x) on a Mac? I have a MAC running OS X 10.4. When I try to use the personal drive, there is only an .exe file that is executable. How can I get the two to work together?

One Response to “Can I use an HP HD10000x Personal Media Drive on a Mac?”

    If I recall correctly the Personal Media Drive has a USB connection. The idea behind it is that you can just plug it into your HP using a dock in the front of the HP computer so it is safe and secure.

    You should easily be able to connect this to your Mac and your Mac should understand the data that is on it just like it would any other external drive.

    Have you tried connecting this to another machine, maybe a windows machine, to see if it sees different data? It is possible there is some kind of encryption that it is making it so you cannot see everything on there and that you might only be able to see the data from the original computer that it was used with.

    If you do not need any of the data that is on it the you can reformat the drive and use it as an external drive to store your data but if you need the data off of it I would put it back in the original computer it was used with and see if it sees more data than just the exe.