Why does a web page show in my cookies when I didn’t go to it?

by on February 3, 2010

Q: Why does a web page show in my cookies when I didn’t go to it?

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    You might see cookies in your browser for things like doubleclick.com or other random sites that if you go to them they might not even work. The reason for this is that these are cookies put on your computer by 3rd parties when you visit a site. The third parties, in most cases, are advertising companies and they track impressions and habits to a point.

    For example on askageek.com you might get cookies from google, burst, doubleclick, and other advertising networks. It is not anything to be alarmed about but you can always set it to block certain sites if you don’t want them tracking your habits.


    Thank you that helps some.

    The sites that keep coming up are Internet dating sights. Is there a particular reason why these kinds? I have not gone to those sites and am trying to understand why they are in my cookies every day.

    I have cleaned my cookies to the best of my ability and the next day at some point a random online dating site pops up in my cookies yet the web page never shows in my History.

    I want to find out first Why this happens and second How or What do I need to do in order to stop this?


      My assumption is still the same that it is advertising based cookies you are getting. This way when/if you end up going to their site because of an ad they know why you came and that allows them to calculate their ROI (return on investment).

      You should be able to block the sites from putting cookies on your computer from the same place you are deleting them from but I am fairly certain it is just ad based cookies you are getting.


    Thank you. I will try blocking them.