How come my friend in Costa Rica cannot send email to my Comcast account?

by on February 4, 2010

Q: One person in Costa Rica can not send e-mail to me. My operating system is Windows XP and I use Outlook Express. I contacted my server (Comcast) and they referred me to you. When she tries to send an e-mail she gets the following message:

Action: failed
Status 4.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-spam-&-Virus-Firewall; connect to[]: server refused mail service.

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    We will need to know what her email settings are. It seems like she is trying to connect to Comcast directly to send the email and Comcast, along with almost every other ISP in the world, wont allow that.

    She needs to make sure the email goes to her ISP and then her ISP will send it over to Comcast. So she will have to setup her email client to have an outgoing smtp connection that connects to her ISP.

    If you can tell us what email client she uses and who she uses for email we should be able to get you the right settings to get her setup correctly.


    I should also note that if her ISP settings are correct (ie if she is able to send email to everyone else without a problem) then it might be that she has a virus on her computer.

    The error given back is “Diagnostic-Code: X-spam-&-Virus-Firewall;” but I just assumed that was something else but now that I look at it more it is very possible she has a virus and Comcast is kicking the email back to her because the virus she has is attaching back things to her emails when she sends them.

    She should install AVG and do a full scan and double check that her account is setup in her email client such that it sends email via her ISP.


      I have no problem sending mail TO this account is Costa Rica, or any other accout. I have scanned my system for virus – clean. The problem is her mail from Costa Rica TO ME is being kicked back to her.


        I understand that the problem is on her end and that is why I gave you directions on what she needs to do on her end.

        She needs to verify that her outgoing smtp server is set correctly to use her ISP and she needs to scan her computer for viruses.


    It is possible that the server that your friend from Costa Rica is sending from a blacklisted IP address. What mail domain are they trying to send from? What is the SMTP or Outgoing server that she is trying to use to send out? We will have to do a blacklist lookup on this IP Address.


      She just sent me an e-mail from an old Yahoo account she has. No problem! This seems to me like the issue lies with her “” server, no?

      Thank you, everyone, for all of your help.