Is it a good idea to connet two wireless routers to the same network?

by on February 4, 2010

Q: I have an MI424WR Actiontec wireless router provided by verizon fios and I also have a Linksys wireless-N Gigabit router. I want to know if the linksys router is better. How can I hook them up together? Also, if it turns out that they are the same or not much different, would connecting them together improve my networks security in anyway?

One Response to “Is it a good idea to connet two wireless routers to the same network?”

    Using the provided router from Verizon allows you to call up Verizon if you have any problems and they will help you. If you replace it with the linksys router they will always blame that router and say it is that routers fault and tell you to contact linksys for support.

    With that said I really like linksys routers but there is something to be said about being able to get support when you need it.

    Connecting to wireless routers to the same network, I would argue, actually makes your network more insecure because it allows an attacker two chances at getting in instead of just one. I would personally stick with the router Verizon provided you unless you don’t like the performance you are getting but if they are both draft N then I cannot see how one would do noticeably better than the other unless you are using up a lot of bandwidth.