Virus preventing Windows XP reinstall?

by on February 9, 2010

Q: I have a Dell Dimension 2400 Computer that has contracted some bad virus or viruses. When I try to reinstall Windows XP, I am prevented from doing so. I was also getting pop-ups on my screen. What can I do?

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    How are you prevented from reinstalling Windows XP? Please provide the steps you are trying to take and the errors you are getting.

    Generally you should have your windows xp install disk already inserted in the drive when you turn the PC on, it should give you an option to boot from cd/dvd. You want to boot from the disk to begin your installation.


    The last I heard was that the Computer was infected with various Virusses and from what I can remember she told me that when they boot the Computer with the Windows XP CD they got some sort of a popup screen that would not let them do a fresh install of XP Home edition. She also said while they were on the net they were getting various popups that were not normal.

    She also said that there was suposed to be a Virus or Virusses >Bloodhound.PDF.8 , Mdropper.AC , Wincod , and worms >> W32.AcKantta.BCmn. So anyway the Computer is infected. Could a person try a Safe Mode Start and install …. like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and then try to remove the virusses?

    PS: I am trying to get more information.It would be nice if I had the Computer here at my Apartment so I could really see what exactly is going on.


    Sounds like they’re not booting from the XP install cd.

    Here is a walkthrough:


    They did get the XP Dell disk Home Edition to install but now the Monitor Screen has a very strange appearance,they can see stuff but it is like looking at …. film negatives in color. I had a old K-Mart Computer for 10 years and when it did that I had to re-install the Video Driver. What ya think?

    Think Video Driver went bad or possibly a Video Card?


    They’ll need to install the drivers for their computer available on dell’s website.


    So I woud venture to say at least they need the Video Driver …………….. and maybe the Bios Driver?


    Install the video driver, don’t worry about the bios