How do I disable DCOM support in Vista?

by on February 10, 2010

Q: I am currently running Vista. For the past month I have been getting a DCOM related error, where my computer just restarts on its own. I have tried many ways to fix it and came very very close.

One method that looks promising is the following:

  • Start -> Run -> type “services.msc” without quotations and hit enter
  • Select “DCOM Server Process Launcher”
  • Right Click -> Properties
  • Change Startup type to Disabled
  • Click on Recovery Tab
  • Change all failures to Take No Action

Except when I come to the part where I have to pick “take no action”, the drop down menu is disabled and I’m unable to interact with it.

Is there a way around this?
Thank you.

One Response to “How do I disable DCOM support in Vista?”

    I wouldn’t suggest anything until I have a better understanding of the exact problem you’re having. Can you provide the exact error message you’re getting?