Can having lots of emails in my inbox slow down my computer?

by on February 16, 2010

Q: I have 1113 emails in my inbox. Can this slow down my PC?

4 Responses to “Can having lots of emails in my inbox slow down my computer?”

    Probably not, but irregardless I’d suggest cleaning that up.


    No not at all,
    cause they don’t use storage space of your computer, but it is preferable to delete unwanted emails from your email account.


      Well that is not completely correct. If you are using POP they are probably kept on your computer and if your email program is open all the time then it will most likely slow down your computer.

      If you are using IMAP then it will just slow you down when you try to access your email.

      As a rule I try to keep my inbox to below 250 emails to keep my email access fast. The way I do this is I create an archive folder for each year. So I have a 2009 folder that all older 2009 emails go into and I now have a 2010 folder that all older 2010 emails go into. When I get over 250 I start moving emails into those folders until I am down around 150 or so. This way I can still access the old emails if I need them but they are not making it slow to access my inbox on my server via IMAP or on my local machine via POP.


    Yes you are absolutely right Matt,

    but i have considered this situation with free email service providers like G mail, Yahoo etc