What wall mount should I get for my Samsung plasma TV?

by on February 16, 2010

Q: What brand wall mount should I purchase for a Samsung 58″ plasma, model PN58B550. Our home is framed with the studding 2′ on center.

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    There is a very large selection out there, the most important thing is to make sure whatever you buy meets the weight requirements for your TV. Look for some good reviews on the item from people that have used it.

    I suggest you shop around on amazon.com and monoprice.com as they both have a nice selection and a lot of user reviews.


      thankyou, do you have any idea which ones can be used when your home is framed with the studs 2 foot on center.


        Your framing should not matter because you have such a big TV that your back plate (the part that will screw into the wall) will have to be almost 3 feet wide. This means that it will be more than wide enough to get you into two studs.

        The most important thing is to figure out where your mounting points are on the TV. I went and bought a wall mount the other day and my TV required 400mm x 400mm but the wall mount I was told would work only supported 400mm x 300mm so I ended up having to return it. So look at the back of the TV. Figure out where it connects to the wall mount and then measure it. You can probably get the information in your manual as well too. You can also go to http://mf1.bestbuy.selectionassistant.com/ and put in your TV information and it will tell you what mounts will work with your TV.


        heres my dilema, the area in which I want to install the tv the studs aren’t centered. I have one stud that is dead cntr and another that is on the far end. mounting the wall mount should be ok but what im worried about is actually centering the tv on the wall mount. Are / Is the mounts that go to the tv variable, do they move off of center from the mount. hope you can understand what im asking


          In short you are worrying about something you don’t need to worry about.

          How the wall mount mounts to the wall has nothing to do with how the TV mounts to the wall mount. Most wall mounts that will work on your TV will have two vertical bars that then hook onto the wall mount. You will connect these two vertical bars to the back of your TV and then you will hang your TV on the wall mount.

          If you are worried about centering the TV in the room or getting just the right angle on the TV then you should consider a full motion wall mount.