How come I cannot play CDs I have burned in CD players?

by on February 18, 2010

Q: I have an your old computer that I use to burn music CDs for my pastor that he made. My problem comes when trying to play those CDs on a CD player or other devices outside of my computer.

How can I correct that problem? I’m not pirating CDs or anything but merely burning CDs of the pastors music.

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    This is going to be trial and error, but here are a few things to try:

    – Make sure you’re burning an Audio CD and not a Data CD
    – Try burning disks at a slower speed
    – Try using different types and/or brands of CD-R disks
    – Use CD-R disks instead of CD-RW
    – Try using a different program

    Some older CD players and or CD Burners just aren’t very compatible, so if you’re still having trouble I’d suggest trying a different, newer CD Burner drive or different newer CD Player.


    Wait do you mean you have a *year* old computer? If that is the case then your CD Burner is probably fine. But these CD players, especially if they are more than ten years old might have a hard time. All other suggestions still hold.


      Yes, My computer is a year old HP Pavilion Quad Core processor with Vista. My problem I believe is coming from media player and the media usage rights thing.

      I think I need to find a way so it doesn’t block things while burning disc for my pastor.


    okay, please try the suggestions from the first post.