How come Photoshop Deluxe says it cannot determine destination directory?

by on February 18, 2010

Q: I am trying to install Photoshop Deluxe HE 4.0 upgrade to my computer but I keep getting this error after running the installation. The error says “the destination directory could not be determined”. Can you tell me what that means and how to fix it?

One Response to “How come Photoshop Deluxe says it cannot determine destination directory?”

    Is Photoshop Deluxe already installed on your computer? The message means that the upgrade is unable to locate your existing Photoshop Deluxe Install. If Photoshop Deluxe isn’t installed on your computer at all you’ll need to install the full version and not the upgrade.

    If you’re running a somewhat recent version of Windows it might be having a hard time as well. The version of Photoshop Deluxe you’re talking about is about ten years old now, so it’s probably going to have a hard time with Windows Vista and 7. I suggest you consider upgrading to a more recent program.

    Two suggestions would be Google’s Picasa (free) or Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 ($70-$80 on-line).