How come Yahoo games use 100% of my CPU?

by on February 20, 2010

Q: In the past week, Yahoo games now runs my CPU at 100%. Shutting it down. What has yahoo done to Java? Happens on all browsers and operating systems.

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    jonp, Mine does the same thing for days it stalled my pc’s. Then they started working again and now its stalled again, its yahoo Im sure but no clue where to find the answer, I tried e mailing yahoo but no reply, I see people playing, but like you with 100% cpu used up, i am unable to move,


      sparky, again CPU usage is not indicative of your computer being sluggish, slowing down, or locking up. A computer using 100% of the CPU is in and of itself not a problem.


    It would help if we knew what video game you were playing (even if the answer is multiple), browser (even if you have tried a few), operating system, the amount of RAM you have, and what other applications you have running at the same time.

    The problem could be as simple as your computer using swap space because your memory is all used up or it come be something more complicated but answers to those items will help us get you an answer to your question.


    matt am playing yahoo spades or canasta simple card games, i just found out if i close the window where i choose a room to play in it frees up but i must first go to the room or i cant choose , does that help?
    jonp when u play yahoo games u have 3 open windows, 1 choice of where to play ,2 lobby ,3 table. try closeing choice it frees mine up


      This isn’t actually your question but since the topic is similar to that of the author we can try to go from here.

      We need to know how much memory you have on your computer, what version of windows you are running, what browser you are running, and if you are running anything else at the same time.

      It would also be helpful to know if you have installed any new software lately like virus protection, spyware protection, etc.

      My gut feeling is that your computer is older and more and more people are probably playing these games on yahoo games. If there are more people playing then there are more tables and the main window that you talk about, where you select your game from, has to store all this extra data. So as there are more tables and the table data gets updated more (ie the table data has to be updated to tell you how many people are at the table etc) then your computer has to work harder and harder.

      So it makes perfect sense that closing this window would help speed your computer up. It is possible that a simple RAM upgrade would help but in order to deduce that I would have to know how much RAM you have. Another easy solution is to make sure you don’t have any other programs running. Maybe you have an email program, iTunes, or something else that uses a lot of system resources. By closing those other applications you should see an improvement as well.

      I would also highly suggest doing a virus and spyware scan on your computer if you have not in a while. It is possible that you have something running on your computer that you don’t know about that is causing the system to be used for other things (malicious things).


    I have 4 gb of memory on my laptop, I have xp pro, I use ie8. Im not running anything else at the same time. I just installed a new hard drive and have noting on it but the OS so far, so NO I have no anti virus programs of any kind. I built my desk top as well same set up with plenty of horse power. Do i need more memory? Do I need to shut off my anti virus, I dont think so. also Im not the only one haveing this problem with yahoo. all my pc’s work fine as soon as I close yahoo. hope this helps


      sparky, you have to realize there are a LOT of things you are leaving out and you are just assuming everyone else knows what you know and that does not help this process.

      If this is a fresh install have you run all the updates on the computer not only Windows Updates but do you have the latest versions of Flash and Java installed as well?

      Have you tried installing FireFox and running it in there. My computer is probably half as powerful as yours and can run these games without any problems.

      I always suggest when setting up a new computer, same goes for reinstalling Windows, would be to always get a 2nd web browser installed first. Then you should make sure to install some kind of virus protection. You can find recommendations for virus protection on our site.


      I should note that when I play web based games and my browser starts to slow down it is usually because of the advertisements. You should check to see if, when you notice this, there are flash/animated ads running and if there are right click on them and unselect loop. This usually solves the problem for me and might be part of your problem.